Giving Back

Giving Back

Charity Partnerships

Each year we partner with a charity in each country in which we operate. MedEntry students have the option of donating to a charity upon enrolment, and MedEntry matches each donation, dollar for dollar.

2020 Charity Partners

Courses in rural areas

MedEntry endeavours to make meaningful contributions to small communities, and to this end provides preparation courses in under-serviced areas across Australia.

One example is our long-time association with RDWA (Rural Doctors Workforce Agency), which is a government funded agency which aims to increase the health workforce in rural communities. MedEntry provides UCAT preparation programs in rural areas on behalf of RDWA.

Scholarships and bursaries

MedEntry offers numerous scholarships, bursaries and discounts to students, especially those from low socio-economic backgrounds and those residing in rural/remote areas.

MedEntry has provided the equivalent of more than $1.2 million in scholarships and bursaries to over 3000 disadvantaged students, without which they may have missed out on pursuing their dream of a career in the health sciences.

MedEntry Foundation

MedEntry’s story began with humble beginnings: the organisation was made possible by a generous grant from the Foundation for Young Australians. Since its inception, MedEntry’s purpose has been to provide quality, accessible and affordable preparation to young people with a passion to pursue medicine.

The MedEntry Foundation was established to fulfil these goals.


The MedEntry alumni community is free to join and available to past MedEntry students, staff and invited members only. It allows members to stay connected to MedEntry and offers the following benefits:

  • Resources to assist those at medical school and in postgraduate training programs
  • Advice from current senior medical students, interns, hospital medical officers, registrars and consultants
  • Mentorship from successful practicing doctors
  • Discounts for MedEntry services including postgraduate interview training
  • Discounts for family members