MedEntry Foundation

At MedEntry, we're proud of our role in providing quality, accessible and affordable preparation to those with a passion to pursue medicine and other health sciences. As part of our commitment to the education of students in these fields, we offer various forms of assistance and support to current and past students.

MedEntry’s guiding principles are excellence, diversity, integrity, social justice, affordability and value. The MedEntry Foundation was established to fulfil these principles by:

  • Providing financial assistance and access to services to those from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Creating partnerships and collaborating with various bodies, including academic institutions, government bodies, non-profit organisations and corporations
  • Forming a community of alumni members to offer and share advice, resources and mentorship opportunities


MedEntry’s story began with humble beginnings: the organisation was made possible by a generous grant from the Foundation for Young Australians. Since its inception, MedEntry’s purpose has always been to provide quality, accessible and affordable preparation to those with a passion to pursue medicine and other health sciences.

MedEntry has a commitment to assisting those from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their goals. MedEntry offers numerous scholarships, bursaries and discounts to students, especially those of low socio-economic status and those residing in rural/remote areas. Overall MedEntry has provided the equivalent of more than $1.2 million in scholarships and bursaries to over 3000 disadvantaged students, without which they may have missed out on pursuing their dream of a career in the health sciences.

MedEntry also endeavours to make meaningful contributions to small communities, and to this end provides preparation courses in under-serviced areas across Australia. You can assist us perform our valuable work by making a donation. Any amount donated by you will be used for helping disadvantaged students. The details of the person(s) who was the beneficiary of your philanthropy will be provided to you unless you choose not to receive this information.

MedEntry is a proud sponsor of MedShow by UNSW's Medical Society. This year's show "She's the Mandible" will run 10-12 October and is raising money for the Children's Leukemia and Cancer Research Foundation.

Charity Partner

We are shocked and saddened by the impact of the bushfires across Australia which are destroying lives, homes, land and wildlife. We are grateful to all of the individuals and organisations who are working hard to fight fires, support local communities and assist those affected.

Our charity partner for 2020 will be the Red Cross' Disaster Relief and Recovery, which is providing invaluable assistance to bushfire affected communities. Donations can be made on the MedEntry website via the shop, and MedEntry will match every donation, dollar for dollar. Existing students can make donations by visiting Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by this terrible event, including our own students. Stay safe.

Previous charity partners have included:
Royal Flying Doctors' Service
Make a Wish Ireland

Excellence Prizes

MedEntry awards monetary prizes to students who have performed exceptionally well on the UCAT, either in a particular section or overall. More information about these particular awards can be found on the pages listed below.

MedEntry also offers excellence prizes for success in UCAT & VCE and for UCAT excellence in a foreign country via the John Caius and Margarent Chan scholarships, respectively. A full list of prizes awarded can be found in the Scholarships section.


MedEntry works with schools, academies and universities across Australia, New Zealand and Ireland in delivering quality preparation. We provide:

  • A bespoke program based on the needs of the institution and aims of the program
  • Flexibility of location, with the option of running courses on school and university premises
  • Extensive resources and ongoing support for students

MedEntry also works with non-profit organisations, government bodies and corporations who have similar aims to MedEntry. Partnering with MedEntry is a powerful way to provide quality and accessible services, by combining your organisation’s unique capabilities with MedEntry’s expertise and long standing reputation for excellence. We offer programs which are mutually beneficial to your institution as well as our students.

For more information or to become a partner, please contact us.


The MedEntry alumni community is free to join and available to certain past MedEntry students, staff and invited members only. It allows members to stay connected to MedEntry and offers the following benefits:

  • Resources to assist those at medical school and in postgraduate training programs
  • Advice from current senior medical students, interns, hospital medical officers and registrars
  • Mentorship from successful practicing doctors
  • Discounts for MedEntry services including postgraduate interview training
  • Discounts for family members