UCAT Resources

UCAT Resources


Practice exam with worked solutions

Attempt a free diagnostic exam covering all five UCAT subtests. Receive detailed feedback including predicted scores and fully worked solutions.

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UCAT Sample Questions

Get a feel for UCAT with these sample questions which cover each of the five UCAT subtests. Test yourself then access worked solutions.

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Medical Entry Handbook

This pdf handbook covers everything you need to know about UCAT and entry in medicine


Free Bootcamp

Let Dr. Ray Boyapati guide you through UCAT, medical interviews and the admissions process in this free information seminar.

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For Students


Get started without spending a cent! MedEntry UCAT Prep provides a host of free material including a free practice exam

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For Parents


The final years of high school are a stressful and demanding time for your child, and the need to sit the UCAT and face interviews places additional pressure on them. We provide some tips on how you can help them during this process

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For Teachers


MedEntry has a wealth of information that will assist teachers and careers counsellors in answering students’ queries

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