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Satisfaction with MedEntry UMAT Prep

The use of Year 12 results as the sole basis for med school admissions is problematic. History provides many examples of capable students possessing the ability to succeed at med school who, during their final years of schooling, have had their dreams shattered due to illness, family circumstances, personal misfortune or even natural disaster. These students need an alternate method of entry to med schools. This is one of the reasons for the introduction of UMAT.According to a report, 83 per cent of graduates from Private providers (such as MedEntry UMAT Prep) indicate high levels of overall satisfaction with their education, compared to...
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Does UMAT coaching work?

Psychometric tests such as UMAT are new in Australia, but in the US numerous such tests have been in use for nearly a century. Coaching organisations are therefore well established. The officials at the Educational Testing Service (ETS) at Princeton (the equivalent of ACER) say that they have no objection to the coaching because what is important is that students learn the skills that are tested, whether it is at school, university or at a coaching college.It is to be expected that ACER would claim that the UMAT is a test that is not susceptible to coaching in an attempt to enhance its reliability and...
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Monash Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)

Monash Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) FormatMulti station Mini Interviews or Bellringer Interviews are used by Monash University and the University of Western Sydney. They are also used by Australian National University, Sydney University, Deakin University and Wollongong University for selection into graduate entry medicine. The following information provides some guidelines on the format of MMI:There are typically a total of 8 to 10 MMI stations. A candidate will therefore be interviewed by a total of 8 to 10 individual interviewers.The 8 to 10 MMI stations take place in 8 to 10 corresponding rooms that open out onto a single corridor and are usually arranged in series....
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UMAT is different from School tests

I am sure you know kids who don’t do so well in school, yet somehow manage to ace tests like UMAT. And you probably know other students who do really well in school, yet when it comes to UMAT, they don’t do nearly as well – and sometimes even bomb the test completely.Why do so many bright students have so much trouble on the UMAT? Because taking the UMAT is nothing like taking the tests at school. Some examples:School tests rarely last more than an hour. In the UMAT you’ve got to stay mentally focussed for about three hoursOn school tests, your...
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Do girls do better in the UMAT?

Girls get better grades in school and university in general than boys- so come on guys, get your act together!But here’s a surprise: boys in general outscore girls in aptitude tests. There may be several reasons for this such as:Boys treat aptitude tests as a game to be beaten and strategiseSchool and university tests/exams reward hardwork, whereas aptitude tests reward skillsBut wait a minute: In the UMAT however, there is no discernible difference in the overall UMAT scores between boys and girls because the second section advantages girls. MedEntry UMAT training provides strategies on how to identify and work on your weaknesses. 

Are UMAT and HPAT fair tests?

Every year, debates continue to rage about UMAT/HPAT.  Is it fair? Is it biased? Is it an achivement test or an aptitude test? Is it good? Is it evil? Does it measure intelligence? Does it measure anything? Does it measure how well you will do in medical school? Does it predict whether you will be a ‘good’ doctor?When a test of similar nature was introduced in the USA in 1926 debates raged on for decades. It is now accepted as a necessary part of university selection criteria.These questions come up every year for one good reason: Nobody can answer them. But there...
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UMAT and careers teachers

Careers teachers knowledge of and interest in UMAT Preparation varies quite markedly. There are those who go to the trouble of inviting UMAT course providers to come and deliver a course in-house at their school. At the other extreme, there are those who do not have time to research UMAT Preparation, and may be critical of its value for various reasons.If you are in a school where the careers teacher is helpful with regard to UMAT Preparation, you are fortunate: your careers teacher will ensure you get all the necessary information about the UMAT and UMAT training. If your school has a careers teacher...
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Are UMAT Courses useful?

UMAT Coaching Enhances Performance at UniversityThe Psychometric Entrance Test (PET) is a standardised test used for medical admission in Israel, administered by the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (NITE). At the 35th International Association for Educational Assessment Conference in Brisbane (August 2010), the Director of the NITE said that while the organisation does not approve of coaching colleges (because they make NITE’s task in distinguishing between students more difficult), students who undergo coaching for PET perform better at university because they have more developed thinking skills. The benefit of UMAT course is atleast two fold: to help improve your UMAT scores and to...
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Free UMAT Sample Questions 2

The following is an example of a question you may expect in section 2 of the UMAT:Two Afghani women, Miriam and Laila, are married to the same abusive husband. Miriam is the older wife, and has just given some baby clothes to Laila.“Thank you, the clothes are lovely.” Laila said.“I had no use for them,” Mariam muttered. She dropped the fish on a newspaper smudged with slimy, gray juice and sliced off its head. “It was either your daughter or the moths.”“Where did you learn to clean fish like that?”When I was a little girl, I lived by a stream. I used...
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UMAT test day: Tips from MedEntry UMAT Prep

MedEntry UMAT Course TipsRelax the night before the UMAT. All of your MedEntry UMAT study should be behind you – cramming at this point will probably do more harm than good. As long as you get a good night’s rest you are allowed to have some fun in the evening before the UMAT.Lay out everything you are going to need when taking the UMAT the night beforehand. This will allow you to have a more peaceful rest that night, and a less stressful time in the morning.If you are taking the UMAT at an unfamiliar location, make sure you get directions well ahead of...
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Smart Test Taking tips from MedEntry UMAT Prep

Smart Test-Taking tips for UMAT: MedEntry UMAT Course TipsMake your MedEntry UMAT practice tests feel real – try your best to replicate the conditions in which you will be actually taking the UMAT. Time yourself with a stopwatch that will beep when your time for each section is up. Take the UMAT test in one sitting with only 10 second  breaks in between sections.  If you have difficulty concentrating for three hours, it is worthwhile building your UMAT test-taking stamina: you might want to take just one or two sections at first, and gradually build up until you are taking the full MedEntry UMAT practice...
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