Curtin University

Perth, Australia

From 2019 (2020 University Entry) the UCAT will replace the UMAT.

Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery

The Curtin Medical School, which is part of the Faculty of Health Sciences, has been approved by the Federal Government for commencement in 2017. Curtin’s five year direct-entry medical degree will be the only undergraduate entry program in the State, and will have a strong emphasis on primary care, which will position graduates well for rural and remote practice, as well as outer suburban locations, where there is an acute shortage of doctors.

Curtin will have an initial intake of 60 domestic places, with ten additional places per year for the subsequent five years to a maximum of 110 domestic places. After the first cohort of domestic students has graduated, full-fee paying international students will be accepted, eventually increasing to ten international places per year.

Selection Criteria

  • ATAR of 95

  • UMAT

  • Curtin University Interview, MMI style. 

If you have or expecting to receive an interview offer for Curtin University then you should consider attending a Medical Interview training session. Register and secure your spot now as MedEntry only accepts a small number of students per session. 

ATAR and subject prerequisites:

Academic score based on minimum ATAR of 95 (inclusive of any bonus points) or equivalent year 12 studies. Applicants must also satisfy Chemistry and English prerequisites to be considered for interview.


Applicants must achieve a threshold score of at least 50 on each of the three UMAT constructs.

Ranking for interview: 

Applicants are ranked and selected for interview based on the sum of their UMAT score and their predicted/notional ATAR or equivalent. It is anticipated 180 applicants will be invited for interview.

Please note, above is just a short summary of the admission guide into Medicine at Curtin University. We highly encourage to read the full information if you are considering to apply for this course. 

Curtin University 2019 Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery Admission Guide provides further details about the medical interview dates and Curtin university interview questions assessment criteria. You can also email MedEntry to discuss further details about the structure and styles of the medical interview questions for the Curtin University.

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