Curtin University

Perth, Australia

Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery

Curtin’s five year direct-entry medical degree is the only undergraduate entry program in the State, and will have a strong emphasis on primary care, which will position graduates well for rural and remote practice, as well as outer suburban locations, where there is an acute shortage of doctors.

Selection Criteria

  • Minimum ATAR of 95

  • UCAT

  • Curtin University Interview, MMI style

If you have or are expecting to receive an interview offer for Curtin University then you should consider attending a Medical Interview training session. Register and secure your spot now as MedEntry only accepts a small number of students per session. 

ATAR and subject prerequisites:

Academic score based on minimum ATAR of 95 (inclusive of any bonus points) or equivalent year 12 studies. Applicants must also satisfy Chemistry and English prerequisites to be considered for interview.

Chemistry requirements:

  • WACE: Chemistry ATAR (final scaled score of 50+), or interstate equivalent;
  • or IB: Chemistry at HL/SL Grade 4;
  • or completion of two bachelor degree (AQF Level 7) first-year Chemistry units (bridging units not accepted), with a final score of 60+ in each;
  • or completion of the Chemistry ATAR course with a final scaled score of 50 through North Lake Senior Campus or Cyril Jackson Senior Campus.

StepUp Bonus applicants (WA school-leavers only) are eligible to be considered for admission.

Lowest ATAR admitted in previous year is 90.6 excluding adjustment factors (95.6 with adjustment factors).


Applicants must sit UCAT to apply for medicine. 

Ranking for interview: 

Applicants are ranked and selected for interview based on the sum of their UCAT score and their predicted/notional ATAR or equivalent (in the ratio 40:60).  It is anticipated 180 applicants will be invited for interview.

Competitive and eligible interstate school leavers, interstate nonschool leavers and those WA applicants whose actual ATAR renders them competitive will be invited to attend an interview at a later date (in January). Actual ATARs are used for all school leavers in this round.

Final Selection Rank:

Applicants final rankings are based on their:

  • ATAR (40%)
  • UCAT Score (20%)
  • Interview ranking (40%)

Curtin University 2023 Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery Guide 

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