The University of Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)

There are two application categories for entry into MBChB.

  1. First Year BHSc/BSc (Biomedical Science)
  2. Graduate entry

All applicants are required to sit the Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Admission Test (UCAT) in the year of application. 

Students applying to Australian medical schools need to sit the UCAT during their final year of school (Year 13).

Australian students are considered as domestic applicants in New Zealand

A reciprocal agreement between the New Zealand and Australian governments enables Australian citizens and permanent residents studying in New Zealand to be classified as domestic students for enrolment purposes (including fees). 

Selection criteria

UCAT - 15% of the total raw UCAT mark will be taken into consideration as part of the entry requirement.

University of Auckland Medical Interview - 25%

GPA - 60% 


Medical Interview Auckland University

At MedEntry we highly encourage applicants to prepare for the interview.

If you have  or expecting to receive and interview offer for the University of Auckland then you should consider attending a Medical Interview training session. Register and secure your spot now as MedEntry only accepts a small number of students per session. 

University of Auckland Medical Interviews will take place in late November and early December in Auckland only.

The interview component comprises of 8 Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) stations. Each station has one interviewer and takes 8 minutes to complete: 2 minutes for the applicant to read and think over given scenario + 6 minutes interview.

Candidates who apply to more than one of the Part II entry professional programmes (Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy) in any one academic calendar year will only be offered one MMI. The results of the MMI will be used for all applications.

The interview panels will consist of staff members of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and invited members of the wider community.

The MMI aims to assess non-academic qualities that are considered by the faculty to be important for those wishing to pursue a career in healthcare.

Email MedEntry to discuss further details about the structure and styles of the interview questions for The University of Auckland.

  • Maturity
  • Leadership
  • Social responsibility
  • A strong commitment to the study and practice
  • Humanistic qualities such as empathy and sensitivity
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fluency in English
  • A strong academic background in sciences
  • An enthusiasm for life-long learning
  • A wide knowledge of New Zealand's multifaceted communities and cultures
  • Awareness of prevailing health needs and community issues
  • Awareness of the nature of the health profession
  • Certainty about career choice
  • Enthusiasm for people and their well-being
  • All round abilities and interests across a wide variety of activities

Applicants are encouraged to prepare for this interview.

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Find details about University of Auckland medical interview questions, and University of Auckland medicine interview dates by reading more about entry requirements into Medicine at the Auckland University