University of Newcastle

Newcastle (NSW), Australia

Bachelor of Medicine

The Bachelor of Medicine Joined Medical Program (JMP) considers personal qualities to be just as important and influential to the learning and practice of medicine as academic ability. This is reflected in admission and selection processes.

Selection is based on performance in UMAT, the Multiple Skills Assessment MSA (MMI Interview), and the online Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA). A minimum academic requirement is also required.

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ATAR of 94.3 and 91.4 (for rural applicants)

UMAT Scores

Applicants are required to achieve a threshold score of 50 in each UMAT construct.

Interview offers are then determined by ranking candidates on the score in construct one.

MSA (MMI) Interview Offers

The MSA is essentially MMI style interview, which is made up of eight, eight-minute rotating stations. At each station, applicant will discuss various scenarios and undertake activities with the assessor.

University of Newcastle Interview (MMI) Assemsment Criteria

  • Capacity to thrive within the Joint Medical Program learning environment.
  • Ability to make everyday and important decisions affecting yourself and others, often without certainty about the outcome.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Degree of personal desire and driving force to be a doctor.

University of Newcastle Medicine Interview Dates

University of Newcastle/University of New England medical interviews will be held from 20 of November - 1  December 2017.
University of Newcastle/University of New England medical interviews for interstate non-rural applicants will be held from 22 January - 26 January 2018. 

At MedEntry we highly encourage students to prepare for this MMI style interview. See more information on our Medical Interview Training sessions.

Completion of Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA)

Candidates will also be required to complete an online assessment of personal qualities known a the PQA on the same day as their allocated Interview session. The PQA is an online test designed to assess a range of personal qualities that are considered to be important for the study and practise of medicine. 

Email MedEntry to discuss the preparation strategies for the styles and structure of the interview questions at the University of Newcastle. Medicine interview questions. University of Newcastle medicine interview dates. UWA dentistry dental surgery dental medicine interview structure can be viewed via the Newcastle Joint Medical Program Admission Guide 2017.

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