The University of Western Australia

Perth, Australia

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) - direct pathway

  • Dental Medicine - direct pathway

There are Direct Pathways for domestic school leaver applicants for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD).

There are also Direct pathways for domestic school leaver applicants to the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) and the Master of Pharmacy (MPharm).

Successful applicants to a Direct Pathway for medicine or dentistry will receive a conditional place in either the MD or the DMD. A place in the MD and DMD is conditional upon successful completion of a UWA bachelor degree with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.5.

There are a number of Direct Pathways available for the MD and DMD:

  • High Academic Achievement Direct Pathway 
  • Broadway Direct Pathway
  • Rural Direct Pathway
  • Indigenous Pathway

Most of the above pathways will require ATAR (99 for High Academic Achivers, 96 for Rural or Broadway applicants) + UCAT + Medical Interview + English Competency as part of the selection criteria. Please refer to UWA School of Medicine website for further information. 

UWA Medicine Interview Dates

If you have or expecting to receive an interview offer for University of Western Australia (UWA) then you should consider enroling into a Medical Interview training workshop. Register and secure your spot now as MedEntry only accepts a small number of students per session. 

UWA Medical  Interviews for eligible WA applicants will take place within the period Monday 26 November to Saturday 8 December 2018 (inclusive). Please note that not all days will be used within the period. Applicants applying to the Doctor of Medicine ( direct entry pathway) will have very limited choice of interview dates so should ensure they are available for the whole interview period. 

UWA Interviews for interstate school leaver applicants to the MD and DMD and eligible WA applicants who had been on an academic reserve list for interview will take place in mid-late January 2019.

Email MedEntry to discuss the preparation strategies for the styles and structure of the interview questions for University of Western Australia. UWA medicine interview questions. UWA medicine medicine interview dates. UWA dentistry/dental surgery/dental medicine interview structure. 


Final ranking will be based on ATAR or equivalent, interview and UCAT score weighted 2:2:1.

About 145 places across the various quotas will be offered for the Direct Pathway into the MD.

About 36 places across the various quotas will be offered for the Direct Pathway into the DMD.

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